With all the products available for sale, you can receive alert e-catalog of new releases to promote before others catch on and start advertising it, giving you that cutting edge to generate more visitors that turn into repeat customers over and over and over again, earning you residual income.


The reason your items can sell virally without you spending a penny in advertising is because of the 1000's of other affiliates you will depend on to promote products with your sayings or designs. Therefore, the top 10 affiliates with the highest recruit of affiliates will have their products featured in our e-catalogue and on the home page of the store as well as on Facebook Store pages.


Instead of the standard 30 day residual from repeat customers, receive lifetime residuals, ensuring you only have to work hard to try and bring visitors once and turn this already viral system from a plug-n-profit to a set-n-forget system that can have a snowball affect on your future cashflow.


Facebook is ONLY the beginning. Consider this: businesses everyday are looking to give their customers custom gifts. Why you need this badly? Here is just a small example: Realtors who sell houses want to give customers a nice gift for their new home.. how about a 3-5 panel wall art or a picture of the house they just sold to them? Hmmm? That information ALONE is worth a ton, so think about the treasure of what's waiting when you unlock this bonus!


One of our jobs is to make every effort to take your visitors and turn them not only to a one-time customer, but make them repeat customers. Instead of you receiving residual payment from returning customers for up to 30 days, unlock residual income from the same customer for 1 year and so long as you are an active partner, enjoy residual payment!


Mum's the word. If bonuses 1-5 did not convince you to get at least 2 affiliates that join our network so that you can unlock those bonuses, we know the 6th will, but even so, the 6th bonus is only revealed to those who have recruited a minimum of 4 other affiliates. I can give you my advice though; its best to assume you want it and not take it than to lose out on this one. THAT IS A PERSONAL PROMISE.